After nine months of talk, planning, study of God’s Word and prayer the time has come, you will have your opportunity to bring forward your commitment to the Beacon at the Crossroads Capital Campaign next weekend. Know that we are more than half way towards our goal of 750K with over 430K in early commitments and gifts already received.; In fact many will recall that the initial goal of 500K was raised to 750K because of the excitement surrounding Ministry Renewal at Grace. The purpose of our Ministry Renewal is to make Grace Lutheran a place where more people are connected to Christ by connecting people to people. Please come and celebrate this step in your Congregation’s history at a celebration barbeque event that will be held after the 11:00 service on March 22nd in the courtyard.

There is great enthusiasm on our campus since Grace Lutheran approved the construction of a new gymnasium!  Once completed, our new gym will house basketball and volley ball courts, and other athletic, school and community activities.  Grace will break ground on this exciting construction project in June of 2015, with the completion of the gym anticipated in the Fall of 2016.

Building Update

The Gym phase of our Ministry Renewal Project continues to move along nicely. We remain on budget and the building has passed all required inspections to date. However, the need to apply for a variance for some of the originally required sight work has set us back a bit on our time line. Originally we had hoped that we would be ready to occupy the new gym prior sometime just after Thanksgiving. Since we will not learn about the disposition of our Variance until the first week of January that date of occupancy has become impossible.

We are still planning to hold our dedication service on Sunday January 22nd. Our guest preacher for that service will be the Rev. Dr. Dean Wenthe who is the President of the Concordia University System.

Of course this will not mark the end of the project. Still to come will be landscaping in the court yard and on the 16th street side of the building, enclosing the breeze way, a remodel of the current bathrooms in the glass enclosure and the Columbarium. We look forward to the completion of the overall project sometime this spring.

Construction Stats:

  • 300 cubic yards of concrete which compares to about 8 swimming pools or 2000 bath tubs full of concrete
  • 4000 of 8000 concrete blocks have been installed, If they were put end to end that would equal a 5K marathon.
  • We have installed about 10 tons of metal reinforcement in the building so far which is equal to the metal required to build 18 cars.
  • Our electricians have installed about a mile of conduit.
Thank you for the support and prayers for the success of this project and the bright future it holds for our day school ministry, our congregation, and community.