Didache Hour

Didache Hour means that it’s Sunday morning and time to break open your Bible for study. Every Sunday morning from 9:45 – 10:45 classes are offered for all ages varying in topic and education level.

By the way, Didache is greek for “teaching.” Get it?

No Didache Hour June 2nd -- Unity Service at 10:00 am


Adult Summer Topic: The Odyssey of St. Paul in Kramer Hall

Filmed entirely on location in Israel, Syria, Asia Minor, Greece, and Italy, this tour covers the life of the Apostle Paul from his birth in Tarsus to his schooling in Jerusalem and conversion on the road to Damascus. All the stations on his mission journeys follow, as well as his arrest in Jerusalem, imprisonment, and shipwreck voyage to Rome. A running commentary by Dr. Paul Maier makes this both a visual delight and an extremely vivid learning experience.

  • Session 1—”Young Saul”
  • Session 2—”The New Saul”
  • Session 3—”The First Mission Journey”
  • Session 4—Quarrels & The Second Mission Journey
  • Session 5—The Second Mission Journey & Greece
  • Session 6—The Third Mission Journey
  • Session 7— Arrest & Imprisonment
  • Session 8—The Voyage to Rome

Summer Sunday School for ages 3-9

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